Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 6:25PM
Kevin Conner in Screenshots

I wanted to write a thorough post, but I've been hustling elsewhere. Now I'm out of time, so you get screenshots.

Why the rush: The East Coast Game Conference is underway, and I've been showing the game around to lots of people who care about all the same things I do. I need them to come back for more. I need their brains! (Not like that.)

These shots are from a current dev build running on an iPhone 4. Yeah, everything is voxels! No, nothing is textured. The blue rectangles are buttons for controlling the game. The terrain is just some Perlin noise that I tossed together to test ambient occlusion shadowing. The ship and the little red asteroids are built into voxel solids every frame, depending on how they're rotated. So as they turn, you see interference patterns running over them from aliasing. So instead of spending GPU time on antialiasing, Degrees embraces aliasing as part of its visual style. I think it looks nice in the same way Atari games do.

I'll try to write again soon in more detail.

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