Going public
Monday, April 23, 2012 at 9:25PM
Kevin Conner

OK hi, I'm writing this game called Degrees. I've been at it for months in my spare time, and now I'm going to develop in public. The game is for you! I want you to get it and have it and love it, but first I have to finish it. So please do stick around. The best way to stick around is with RSS.

On this blog you'll see what happens day to day as I build Degrees. I'll write about the game's design, technology, influences, challenges, that kind of thing. I'll try to post a lot of screenshots and maybe some videos, and I'm really hoping to learn from your comments.

This is just a quick post to kick off the blog. For a proper introduction, check the About page. In my next post I'll show you the state of the app.

Article originally appeared on Degrees, a game in progress for iPad and iPhone (http://degreesgame.com/).
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