About Degrees

Degrees is a severely unique game.

  • A colorful voxel world
  • Interconnected levels with no pauses for loading
  • Photographic filter effects, like Instagram but live
  • Six degrees of freedom in first person and third person
  • Live rendering of geometry into voxels (you must see it in motion!)
  • Three-axis gyroscope steering 

I'm writing Degrees in public. I'm really excited by what I've got so far, and I want to show it off, stir up interest, and earn lots of feedback from players. So I'm inviting you to follow the blog, ask anything, suggest anything.

This is an experiment. Can players handle six axes of motion using only tilt and touch controls? How many voxels can you draw on an iPhone at full framerate? Will a game with no textures and only shapes hold interest? Can photo filters contribute meaningfully to a game experience? Is there a most natural way to control rotation using device tilt? Is there a way to avoid gyroscope drift or work it into gameplay? How complex of a game can one person make in his free time? Can such a game make money?

I have always loved games. As with books, movies, music, and other works of art, I've got a lot of favorite games that I'll replay until I die. Small experiences have stuck with me, like the feeling of wonder when you first leave the Vortex Rikers, and the way the Thief-bot wails when you finally kill him, and "You didn't bring the page?!" These experiences I had were not accidents. They were designed. I couldn't have had them any other way. That care for me, the player, is what made me love games as much as I do. Games are gifts.

In its half-done state, Degrees already has shades of my favorite games. Ultimately what I'm writing is a love song to all the people who have made games for me. When it's done I want you to play it, and I hope you'll receive it as a gift.